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Amy Hill

Born May 9, 1953 in
as "Decathlon Moderator"
Catfight (2016)
as "Aunt Charlie"
as "Adjudicator"
White Frog (2012)
as "Dr. King"
as "Flower Pot Lady / Irate Woman (voice)"
as "Judge Eva Fwae Wun"
as "Secretary"
Duck (2005)
as "Pedicurist"
as "Sue"
as "Mrs. Kwan"
as "Mrs. Hasagawa (voice)"
as "Joscelyn Davis"
as "Mrs. Ho-Kym"
Rising Sun (1993)
as "Hsieh"
Singles (1992)
as "Hospital Nurse"
as "Bartender"
as "Prissy"
as "Narrator"
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