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Fred Tatasciore

Born uknown in
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Announcer"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Harvey Bullock (voice)"
as "Melchior / Inn keeper #1 / Pottery Vendor (voice)"
It (2017)
as "Loop Group (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Dwight Monkfish (voice)"
as "Diego Gomez (voice)"
as "Goldar (voice)"
as "Ghast (voice)"
as "Stormtrooper"
Trolls (2016)
as "ADR Group (voice)"
as "Charlatan Priest (voice)"
as "Carny Owner (voice)"
as "Soldier 76 (voice)"
as "Monty Pig (voice)"
as "Mirror Man"
as "Master Bear (voice)"
as "Niima Scavenger / Forest Stormtrooper (voice) (uncredited)"
as "Rocksteady / Triceraton Soldier #1 / Lt. Zorg (voice)"
as "Rocksteady / Triceraton Soldier #1 / Lt. Zorg"
as "Blooky"
as "Reptilian/Marui (voice)"
as "Father Time / Security Guard / Timenado Mechanic / Willy / News Reporter"
as "Solomon Grundy (voice)"
as "Clocks / Specs (voice)"
as "Orange Seller/Bride's Father/Drummer (voice)"
as "Frankencreep (voice)"
as "Cusumba (voice)"
as "The Hulk (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "(voice)"
as "Himself"
as "The Hulk (voice)"
Frozen (2013)
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Hulk (voice)"
Tokyo Go (2013)
as "Sumo Wrestler"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Business Cat / Delta Blues Crooner"
as "Jack Rabble / Cruel Dynomutt"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Sinister Snowman/Santa Claus (voice)"
as "Perry White (voice)"
as "Cutter (voice)"
as "Faceless Steven"
as "Witch Doctor"
as "Detective Flass (voice)"
as "Panda Dad / Gorilla Guard 2 (voice)"
as "Voice Over Performers (voice)"
as "Thunder (voice)"
as "Garn (voice)"
as "Mercenary #1 / Amazo / Guard (voice)"
Predators (2010)
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
Tangled (2010)
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Mr. Bloomsberry (voice)"
9 (2009)
as "8 (voice)"
as "Teetsi / Poacher #1 / Elephant (voice)"
as "Billy Bear / Junior Bear (voice)"
as "Flint Fireforge / Fewmaster Toede (voice)"
Enchanted (2007)
as "Troll"
as "Oliver / Doorman / Sorcerer / Additional Voices (voice)"
TMNT (2007)
as "General Gato (voice)"
as "Clown (voice)"
as "The Mandarin / Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Sheep Group (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Hulk / Edwin Jarvis / Additional Voices (voice)"
Barnyard (2006)
as "Farmer (voice)"
as "The Hulk"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "El Mascarado"
as "(voice)"
as "(voice)"
as "(voice)"
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