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Gary Hudson

Born Mars 26, 1956 in
as "John Lincoln"
as "Dr. Harris Kohling"
as "Robert Nielson"
as "Mike Foster"
as "Garland Jones"
as "Don Renfro"
Deadline (2011)
as "Brills"
as "Attorney"
as "Montsignor"
as "Sanders"
Sea Beast (2008)
as "Sheriff Jay McKenna"
as "Martin"
as "Rick Marsden"
as "Brian Ellis"
as "Jim Benson"
as "Brandon's Dad"
Snakeman (2005)
as "Dr. John Simon"
as "Fred Tomlinson"
Deception (2004)
as "Jack"
as "Bill Vogul"
as "Capt. Ed Lorenzo"
as "Paris"
as ""
as "Al Brock / Hook"
as "Emmerich"
as "Cowboy (uncredited)"
as "Cole Grayson"
The Force (1994)
as "Des Flynn"
as "Cody"
as "Damon Pratt"
as "Sgt. Jack White"
as "Nick Sharkey"
as "Randall Murphy"
as "Rod"
Road House (1989)
as "Steve"
as "Bob Froelich"
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