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Vyto Ruginis

Born uknown in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Lost Time (2014)
as "Mr. Coffey"
Moneyball (2011)
as "Pittaro"
as "Alexander"
as "Detective Maher"
as "Hank Yates"
as "Clancy"
Auto Focus (2002)
as "Nickie D."
Backflash (2001)
as "Motel manager"
as "Don"
as "Brad Cambridge"
as "Harry"
as "Junior Lawyer"
as "Daniel"
as "Hosticka"
as "Defense Secretary Stanley Shapiro"
as "Mitch Weaver"
as "Charles Carter"
as "Lloyd Fisher"
Phenomenon (1996)
as "Ted Rhome"
as "Johnson"
Last Gasp (1995)
as "Ray Tattinger"
as "Hendrix"
as "Matheson"
as "Evan"
as "Glenn"
as "Ted"
as "Fitzsimmons"
as "Lyman McCray"
Burglar (1987)
as "K.E. Graybow"
as "Carl"
as "Durkin"
as "George Nowak"
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