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Al Leong

Born uknown in
as "Evil Doctor"
as "Yang Sze"
as "Asian Training Master"
The Ghost (2001)
as "Wu's Thug No. 2"
as "Wah Sing Ku Triad Member"
Godzilla (1998)
as "Japanese Fishing Boat Crewman"
as "Terence Wei Gunmen"
as "Hershe Gang Member"
as "Lewis"
The Shadow (1994)
as "Tibetan Driver"
as "Chinese Gunmen #9"
as "Car Mechanic"
as "Guard"
as "Vivaldi Gunmen"
as "Kick Boxing Fight Crowd Member (uncredited)"
Rapid Fire (1992)
as "Minh"
as "Raven"
as "Yoshida's Men"
as "Man in Croc-Pit Bar"
Aftershock (1990)
as "Fighter"
as "Bruce"
Dark Angel (1990)
as "Luggage Salesman"
as "Fu"
Black Rain (1989)
as "Sato's Yakuza Assassin"
Cage (1989)
as "Tiger Joe"
as "Genghis Khan"
They Live (1988)
as "Asian Revolutionary (uncredited)"
Die Hard (1988)
as "Uli"
as "Handcuffed Gang Leader (uncredited)"
as "Dellaplane's Chauffeur"
as "Photographer"
as "Long Hair"
as "Endo"
as ""
as "Wing Kong Hatchet Man"
as "Chinese Laborer #2"
as "Vietnamese Soldier"
Protocol (1984)
as "Cook"
as "Vietnamese (segment "Time Out")"
as "Al"
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