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Sammo Hung

Born January 7, 1952 in Hong Kong, China
Sammo Hung (born Hung Kam Po, 7 January 1952) is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, producer and director, known for his work in many kung fu films and Hong Kong action cinema. He has been a fight choreographer for, amongst others, Jackie Chan, King Hu, and John Woo.

Hung is one of the pivotal figures who spearheaded the Hong Kong New Wave movement of the 1980s, helped reinvent the martial arts genre and started the vampire-like Jiang Shi genre. He is widely credited with assisting many of his compatriots, giving them their starts in the Hong Kong film industry, by casting them in the films he produced, or giving them roles in the production crew.

In East Asia, it is common for people to address their elders or influential people with familial nouns as a sign of familiarity and respect. Jackie Chan, for example, is often addressed as "Dai Goh", meaning Big Brother. Hung was also known as "Dai Goh", until the filming of Project A, which featured both actors. As Hung was the eldest of the kung fu "brothers", and the first to make a mark on the industry, he was given the nickname "Dai Goh Dai", meaning, Big, Big Brother or Biggest Big Brother.

Description above from the Wikipedia article Sammo Hung, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.
God of War (2017)
as "Commander Yu"
as "General on horse [Cameo]"
as "Ding Hu"
as "Master Tie"
as "Hong Shouting"
as "Lung Chi-Keung / CK Long"
as "Director Hung"
as "Chan Wai-Yip"
as "Chan Wah-Shun"
Ip Man 2 (2010)
as "Hung Chun-nam"
14 Blades (2010)
as "Prince"
as "Wong Bing-Yi"
Wushu (2008)
as "Li Hui"
Triad Wars (2008)
as "Lin Ho Lung"
as "Uncle Luck"
as "Wong Po"
as "Kong Long (as Sammo Hung)"
as "Wong Fei Hung"
as "Director Ko"
as "Chow Yan-Kei"
as "Himself [cameo]"
as "Himself"
as "Himself"
as "Himself - Interviewee"
as "Lu Zheng Yang"
as "King"
as "Inspector Dark"
as "White Eyebrows"
as "(archive footage)"
No Problem (1999)
as "Sammo"
as "Himself"
as "Himself (archive footage)"
as "Himself (archive footage)"
as "White Cloud (voice) (Mandarin version)"
as "Cyclist [cameo]"
as "Black Jack Hung"
as "Master Tung"
as "Eric Kidstuff / Choi"
as "Himself (Archive Footage)"
as "Pierre"
as "Chang San-Fung"
as "High Monk"
as "Yu Man-San"
as "Eric Kidstuff / Fastbuck"
as "Commissioner Kung"
as "Hung"
as "Hung Tai-Bo"
as "Chan Yu-Qun"
as "Success Hung"
as "Gai Lap"
as "Fat Goose"
as "Big Brock / Fat Bao / Hung Gao"
as "French security guard"
as "Jeff Lau"
as "Fatty Dragon"
as "Officer Huang Tsung-Po, the Father"
as "Mr. Chin Hung Yun"
as "Liu Hsi-Chia / John"
as "Slim"
as "Hung"
as "Lo Tung"
as "Master Yu Jim-Yuan"
as "Hung Kei [cameo]"
as "Chien Pao"
as "Luke Wong Fei-Hung"
as "Hung"
as "Shi's Teacher"
as "Fei [archive footage]"
as "Tung Ming-Sun"
as "Eric / Kidstuff / Fastbuck / Tse Koo Choy"
as "Officer Tuba"
as "Chin Fong Tin"
as "Danny / Do Do"
as "Kidstuff / Fastbuck"
as "Movie director"
as "Kidstuff / Fastbuck"
Yes, Madam (1985)
as "Sifu"
as ""Bombo" First-Day Chan"
as "Moby"
Pom Pom (1984)
as "Kidstuff [cameo]"
as "Himself (archive footage)"
Project A (1983)
as "Fei"
as "Teapot"
as "Chang Mei/Red Army soldier [2 Roles]"
as "Rice Pot"
as "Wah Li"
as "Wong Wa-Po"
as "Bold Cheung"
as "Fatso"
as "Ah Pao"
as "Lam Sai-wing / 'Butcher Wing'"
as "King of Sabres/Ah Yo"
Knockabout (1979)
as "Blinking Beggar"
as "Gei Cheun"
Filthy Guy (1972)
as "The Filthy Guy, Su Yen Cheng"
as "Frog"
as "Lung"
as "Japanese commander (unconfirmed)"
as "Lo Chen"
as "Starknife bodyguard"
as "Hawker/Husker"
as "Renegade Monk"
as "Japanese"
as "First Head"
as "Du Qing"
as "Kao's friend"
as "Win Chan"
as "Hakatatsu"
as "Gambling stall thug [extra]"
as "Rickshaw driver"
as "Japanese Thug"
as "Tiger, Wang's assistant"
as "Beach rascal"
as "Martial arts association member"
Stoner (1974)
as "Gang Strongman"
as "Kong Chuan"
as "Fei Fei"
as "Ba clan member"
as "Thug"
as "Japanese Fighter"
as "Kao Hsiung"
as "Lee's sparring partner in opening scene"
as "[Extra]"
as "Bandit molesting Ming"
as "2) Bandit at door"
as "Bandit"
Hapkido (1972)
as "Fan Wei"
as "Tiao Ta Niang's brother"
as "Witch's drummer"
as "5th boss"
as "Commander Hsu's bodyguard"
as "Tung's man"
as "Martial artist after Fang"
as "Crimson Charm thug"
The Eunuch (1971)
as "First fighter in final contest"
as "Thug"
as "Martial contestant"
as "Lord Li's soldier"
as "Whip-wielding henchman"
as "Bandit and rapist"
as "Kai Shin manor's men"
as "Black Demon's disciple"
as "Xiao's thug [extra]"
as "Tso's thug [extra]"
as "Master Bao's Thug"
as "Security escort Chu"
as "Thug"
as "Golden Dragon Security member"
as "Bandit/Barbarian King's soldier"
as "Mopan Bandit"
as "[extra] (unconfirmed)"
as "Long's man / Escort man"
as "Gambler at Chiang's party"
as "[extra] (unconfirmed)"
as "Chiu mansion swordsman [extra]"
as "Tao's thug"
as "[Extra]"
as ""
as "Kid (as Yuen Lung)"
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