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Yuen Biao

Born July 26, 1957 in
as "Police director Zhang"
as "Master Charlie Chiang"
as "Master Li"
My Kingdom (2011)
as "Master Yu Shengying"
as "Tan Zhong"
as "Ng Chung So"
as ""
as "Liu Bei"
as "CIP Xian Sir"
as "Inspector Steve Mok"
as "Georgie Hung's father"
as "Wah Sang"
as "Mr. Ou"
as "Thunder"
as "Himself (archive footage)"
as "(archive footage)"
as "Indian with the axe"
as "Ma Sar"
as "Boss of China House"
as "Himself"
as "Himself"
as "Himself (archive footage)"
Hero (1997)
as "Tam See"
as "Chung Yat Shan/Little Dragon"
as "Li San"
as "Li Chin Tang"
as "Himself (Archive Footage)"
as "Rambo Wong Yuk-Man"
as "Lo Yi Tung/Han"
as "Lui Lun"
as "Himself (uncredited)"
Kickboxer (1993)
as "Lau Chat"
as "Tougetsu"
as "Tang Ta Chi"
as "Lo Ba Wong La"
as "Leung Foon"
as "Swordsman"
as "Little Tiger"
as "Peacock"
as "Fong Sau-Ching"
Miracles (1989)
as "Beggar"
as "Kông Chùe (Monk Peacock)"
On the Run (1988)
as "Hsiang Ming"
as "Himself"
as "Shih Erh"
as "Timothy Tung Tak-Biao"
as "Captain Tzu [archive footage]"
as "Man Yen (Rat) Chieh"
as "Jason Chan/Hsai Ling-Cheng"
as "Yen / Jen"
Rosa (1986)
as "'Little monster' Hsia"
as "Fire Chief Tsao Cheuk Kin"
as "Hopping corpse"
as "Ricky Fung"
as "Chiu Chi-Lung"
as "Ricky Fung"
as "David"
Pom Pom (1984)
as "Truck Driver"
as "Himself (archive footage)"
Project A (1983)
as "Captain Tzu"
as "Lee Tung"
as "CID Agent"
as "Di Ming Qi/Dik Ming Kei"
as "Man at bank [cameo]"
as "Leung Chang"
as "Mousy"
as "Blue staff monk"
as "[Cameo] (unconfirmed)"
as "Number Four"
as "Foon"
Knockabout (1979)
as "Yipao"
as "Thunder's men"
as "Master of the Five Fists"
as "Mrs Lian's bodyguard"
as "Casino fighter"
as "Thug"
as "[extra] (unconfirmed)"
as "Billy Lo"
as "Flying Guillotine at bamboo trees"
as "Lama Monk Guard"
as "One of Qi's men"
as "[Extra]"
as "Mr Kam's thug/Lau Wing's double"
Death Duel (1977)
as "Bully's thug at tavern"
as "Assassin"
as "[Extra]"
Jade Tiger (1977)
as "[Extra]"
as "Fighter in the school"
as "Night club thug"
as "Sword and Knife Man"
as "Fighter in restaurant"
as "Troublemaker at tavern"
as "[Cameo]"
as "San He Tang's gangster"
as "[Extra]"
as "[Extra]"
as "Russian's student"
as "Master Pang's student"
Hot Potato (1976)
as "Rangoon's Henchman"
as "Guard"
as "[Extra]"
as "Casino thug"
as "1st Pirate in contest"
as "Student"
as "[Extra]"
as "[Extra]"
Stoner (1974)
as "Thug at temple"
as "[Extra]"
Death Blow (1973)
as "Street thug"
as "Japanese [extra]"
as "Tournament fighter"
as "[Extra]"
as "Chow's thug"
Hapkido (1972)
as "Black Bear Student"
as "Yang soldier (in final fight)"
as "Susuki's student who spar with Petrov (uncredited)"
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