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Stanley Fung

Born uknown in
as "Village Head"
as "Yuen Tin Kindergarten chancellor"
as "Grand uncle"
as "Third Granduncle Chen"
as "Uncle Nine"
as "Kwok Ching"
as "Ng Tung"
Accident (2009)
as "Uncle"
Vengeance (2009)
as "Tony Cheung"
as "Miu's dad"
as "Police Sergeant"
as "Rawhide / Pee"
as "Master"
as "Rhino / Rawhide"
as "Priest Yau Tsu Nam"
as "Traffic Policeman"
as "Drunk"
as "Li Kam"
as "Master Thunderbolt"
as "Man in bar [cameo]"
as ""
as "Lau Ting Kin"
as "Inspector Feng"
as "Gift bearer as Santa Claus"
as "Councillor Steven Kay"
Little Cop (1989)
as "Vice Squad Commander"
as "Mr Big"
as "Rhino / Rawhide"
as "Frank"
as "Michael's security staff"
as "Fei Changfan"
as "Kan Sir"
as "Frank"
as "Psychiatrist"
as "Ken Lau Tin Kin"
as "Club patron [cameo]"
as "Sgt Fung"
Shy Spirit (1988)
as "Police Captain"
as "Ken Lau Tin Kin"
as "Captain Suen"
as "Ah Fan"
as "Fan Pien-Chou"
as "Archaeologist"
as "Cancer patient in TV"
as "Detective"
as "Rawhide"
as "Police band drummer"
as "Dr. Tsui"
as "Robert's Uncle"
as "Chrysanthemum Tea"
as "Uncle Chiu"
as "Rawhide"
as "Chung / Inspector Fung"
as "Fan Kun"
as "Fei Shifan"
as "Fung Wah"
as ""
as "Uncle Fan"
Pom Pom (1984)
as "Rawhide [cameo]"
as "Fu Wai Fan"
as "Sgt Chiu Kau"
as "Rookie"
as ""
as "Flit"
as "Ah Fan"
as "Luo Chaojun"
as "Generalissimo Zhang"
as "Chen Guang [Voice: Cantonese]"
as "Mr Ko"
as "Pi Yu She"
as "Yian Luyan"
as "Big Chiu"
as "Detective Wang"
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