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Inga Busch

Born uknown in
as "Hedwig"
Art Girls (2013)
as "Nikita Neufeld"
as "Verfassungsschützerin Beck"
Offroad (2012)
as "Salims Nachbarin Ute"
Ghosted (2009)
as "Sophie Schmitt"
as "Tante Pat"
as "Karla"
Zwerg Nase (2008)
as "Gräfin Wilhelmine"
as "Valerie"
as "Evelin Garbers"
as "Rosina Lorenz"
as "Silkes Mutter"
as "Agentin"
as "Nerine"
as "Tara"
as "Lizzy"
as "Irene"
as "Paula Matkowski"
as "Bea"
as "Claudia Merker"
as "Karla Kolumna"
as ""
as "Georg Assmanns Ehefrau"
as "Lilly"
as ""
as "Carmen"
as "Katrin"
as "Karin"
as "Michelle"
Herzlos (1999)
as "Thekla Gerber"
as "Kim"
Blutrausch (1997)
as "Donna"
Obsession (1997)
as "Ise (Lead singer)"
Kreuzfeuer (1997)
as "Tatjana"
The Castle (1997)
as "Amalia"
as "Mieke Sonntag"
Sexy Sadie (1996)
as "Zimmermädchen"
as ""
as "Rothaarige Prostituierte"
as ""
as "Jo"
Karniggels (1991)
as "Annarina"
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