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Anatole Taubman

Born December 23, 1971 in
as "Drosselmeier"
as "Stanislas Turgin"
as "Ignaz"
as "Bovarr"
The Circle (2014)
as "Felix"
as "Sidney Dreifuss"
Tempo Girl (2013)
as "Andreas Orlow"
Frau Ella (2013)
as "Rudolph"
as "Holger Stark"
Lost Place (2013)
as "Falk Geisinger"
as "Uwe Hansen"
as "Ansgar"
as "Agent Peter Turner"
as "Frank Schneider"
as "Beaumont"
as "Arthur 'Boy' Capel"
Pope Joan (2009)
as "Anastasius"
as "Hotelmanager"
as "Daniel"
as "Elvis"
Taken (2008)
as "Dardan"
as "Enver"
as "Constantine George"
Marmorera (2007)
as "Simon Cavegn"
as "Bartender"
Fay Grim (2006)
as "Jallal"
Æon Flux (2005)
as "Sasha Prillo's Father"
as "Friedemann Bach"
Luther (2003)
as "Otto"
Moritz (2003)
as "Andi Moser"
as "Crematory Technician"
as "Valdez De Corazón"
Be.Angeled (2001)
as "Aaron"
Todeslust (2001)
as "Alexander"
as ""
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