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Ned Dennehy

Born uknown in
Zone 414 (2021)
as "George"
as "Riktor"
Mandy (2018)
as "Brother Swan"
as "Prisoner"
Child 44 (2015)
as "Coroner"
as "Old Hermit Jacob"
Serena (2014)
as "Ledbetter"
as "Caleb"
Downhill (2014)
as "Julian"
Scintilla (2014)
as "Harris"
as "Philip"
Grabbers (2012)
as "Declan Cooney"
Storage 24 (2012)
as "David"
Earthbound (2012)
as "Kilson"
Anonymous (2011)
as "Interrogator"
as "Tommy"
Blitz (2011)
as "Radnor"
Roadkill (2011)
as "Luca"
Jane Eyre (2011)
as "Dr. Carter"
The Eagle (2011)
as "Seal Chief / The Horned One"
Robin Hood (2010)
as "Sentinel"
as "Clamper"
as "Man with Roses"
as "Jumpy Con"
as "Felim"
Dead Meat (2004)
as "Road Zombie"
as "Mental Monk"
as "Jamey the Tout"
as "Barlow"
as "Lucet Mael"
as "Gay"
as "Prosecutor"
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