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Michael Adamthwaite

Born uknown in
as "Doctor (C-Section)"
The BFG (2016)
as "Butcher Boy / Danish Driver"
Warcraft (2016)
as "King Magni"
as "Biker"
The Hollow (2015)
as "Eddy"
Skin Trade (2014)
as "Detective Monroe"
If I Stay (2014)
as "Security Guard"
as "Hans Dietz / Tourist"
Horns (2013)
as "Eric Hannity"
as "Line Chef"
as "State Trooper #1"
as "Solomon's Soldier"
Behemoth (2011)
as "Joe"
Watchmen (2009)
as "Bar Knot Top"
as "Isaac"
as "Officer Perry"
as "Agent Knowles"
as "Dev (voice)"
10.5 (2004)
as "Blockade Soldier"
as "Burke"
as "George Lenahan"
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