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Hui Siu-Hung

Born uknown in
as "Cheung Chen"
as "Wan Siu-Lun"
as "Benz"
as "Pharmacist"
as "Jewellery shop owner"
Together (2013)
as "Zai's father"
as "Liu Da"
as "Cafeteria boss"
as ""
as "Renshu"
as "Indiana Chung"
as "Setting Sun"
as "Guan Gong"
as "Mr Luo"
Triad Wars (2008)
as "Tong Lai Yu"
as "Brother Hung"
as "Officer Lin"
Gong Tau (2007)
as "Wah (as Hui Shiu Hung)"
Super Fans (2007)
as "God"
as "Prison Officer"
Exiled (2006)
as "Sergeant Shan"
as "Sergeant Chung"
as "Lincoln Lam"
2 Become 1 (2006)
as "Mr. Hui"
AV (2005)
as "Film Professor"
as ""
as "Hung"
as "Deer Tai"
as "Private Investigator"
as "P Leung"
Heat Team (2004)
as "Mr Fok"
as "Hoi"
as "Police officer"
as "Annie's father"
as "Lee Shou Fu"
Shiver (2003)
as ""
as "George"
as "Sgt Chung Lok Hoi"
as "Teddy"
as "Boss Pak"
as ""
as "Soo Tung Bo"
as "Louis"
as "Turtle's Father"
as "Officer Chung"
as "Assistant Commissioner Wong Kai Fat (as Hui Shiu Hung)"
as "Stephen"
as "Mr. Chan"
as "Superintendent Hugh"
Bio-Cops (2000)
as "Mikey"
as "May's father"
Help!!! (2000)
as "Dr. Leon"
as "Ronald"
as "Mr. Chicken"
Victim (1999)
as "Detective Yee"
as "Chief Inspector Wong Kai Fai (OCB)"
as "Boasting Hsiong"
as "Ben"
as "Patrick's defence lawyer"
as "Ming's Father"
as "Old jerk"
as "Kao Ming"
as "Tao"
as "Au Yeung Fu"
as "Catholic Priest"
BB 30 (1990)
as "Pao"
as "Duke Lee's Butler"
as "Hung Sheng-Ho"
as "Kickboxer's trainer"
as "Bully"
as "Gangster Pimp"
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