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Xaver Hutter

Born uknown in
as "Herr von Havenegg"
Flirtcamp (2012)
as "Mike"
as "Ferdinand"
as "Vittorio Valese"
as "Freund Goethes"
Sisi (2009)
as "Erzherzog Ferdinand Max"
Volcano (2009)
as "Russi"
as "Thomas 'Tom' Stocker"
as "Oliver Behrend"
as "Branco"
as "Gerd Gamsjäger"
Klimt (2006)
as "Customer in Cafe Central"
Snow White (2005)
as "Bobby"
as "Sascha"
Flashback (2000)
as "Leon Schroeder"
as "Kameramann"
Tempo (1996)
as "Jojo"
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