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Eloy Casados

Born September 28, 1949 in
as "Sheriff"
as "Dale Padilla"
50 to 1 (2014)
as "Charlie Figueroa"
as "Manolo Sanchez"
as "Homeless Native American"
as "Det. Eddie Cruz"
Dark Blue (2002)
as "Rico"
Epoch (2001)
as "Mexican Doctor"
as "Albert"
Skeeter (1993)
as "Hank Tucker"
as "Tony Stucci"
as "Ruiz Sanchez"
as "Tony"
as ""
as "Alvarez"
Under Fire (1983)
as "Pedro"
as "Prairie Fox"
as "Nameless"
as "Ishi - as Man (as Eloy Phil Casados)"
Mustang (1973)
as ""
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