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Robert LaSardo

Born September 20, 1963 in
as "Emilio"
Sky Sharks (2018)
as "Father Rodriguez"
as "Rocky"
as "Artist"
as "Corporal Ignacio"
Junkie (2012)
as "Nicky"
Double Tap (2014)
as "First Team"
Autopsy (2008)
as "Scott"
Death Race (2008)
as "Hector Grimm"
Dirty (2005)
as "Roland"
as "Paco"
In Hell (2003)
as "Usup"
as "Twitchy Suspect"
as "Matt Myers"
as "Candyman"
as "Manuel"
Double Tap (1997)
as "Agent Rodriguez"
Nightwatch (1997)
as "Pub Thug"
Under Oath (1997)
as "Angelo Castillo"
as "Paulo"
as "Eric Fidel"
Waterworld (1995)
as "Smitty"
Drop Zone (1994)
as "Torski"
Blood Run (1994)
as "Spike"
as "Bochi"
as "Italian Guard"
as "Punk"
Me and Him (1988)
as "Tony"
as "Spooky"
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