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Wolf Kahler

Born April 3, 1940 in
as "German Commander"
as "Doctor Hoffmanstahl"
Shanghai (2010)
as "German Consul"
Haber (2008)
as "Ludendorff"
as "Herr Gerhardt"
as "Commentator"
Loch Ness (1996)
as "Dr Muller"
Backbeat (1994)
as "Bert Kaempfert"
as "German ambassador"
as "Gold Glasses"
as "Col. Krieger"
as "Felipe Arc-en-Ciel"
as "Gen. Sepp Dietrich"
Firefox (1982)
as "KGB Chairman Andropov"
as "German Officer"
as "Colonel Dietrich"
as "Trompeta"
Rough Cut (1980)
as "De Gooyer"
as "Kaiser Wilhelm II"
as "Real Estate Agent"
as "Helmut"
as "Schwimmer"
as "First German"
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