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William Hootkins

Born July 5, 1948 in Dallas, Texas, USA
as "Frank Rich"
Blessed (2004)
as "Detective Lauderdale"
as "Senor Balustrade (voice)"
The Breed (2001)
as "Fusco"
as "Kiril"
as "judge Marulic"
as "Al"
as "John Carpenter"
as "Commander Hunt (voice)"
as "Murphy"
Dust Devil (1992)
as "Capt. Beyman"
as "Mr. X"
as "Cardinal Verucci"
Hardware (1990)
as "Lincoln Wineberg Jr."
Batman (1989)
as "Eckhardt"
as "Teddy"
as "Harry Howler"
as "Reporter"
Zina (1985)
as "Walter Adams"
Biggles (1986)
as "Chuck"
as "Chuck Malarek"
Dreamchild (1985)
as "1st Radio Actor"
Water (1985)
as "Ben"
as "Taxi Driver"
as "Taxi Driver"
as "Major Eaton"
Sphinx (1981)
as "Don"
as "Munson"
Hussy (1980)
as "1st. Punter"
Bad Timing (1980)
as "Col. Taylor"
as "U.S. Embassy Photographer"
as "Beef"
as "Party Guest"
as "Postman"
Valentino (1977)
as "Fatty"
Star Wars (1977)
as "Red Six (Porkins)"
as "Sgt. Fitzpatrick"
Big Zapper (1973)
as "Kono's Henchman"
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