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Anthony Wong

Born September 2, 1961 in Hong Kong
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Anthony Wong Chau-sang (born Anthony Perry on September 2, 1961) is a Hong Kong Film Award-winning Hong Kong actor, screenwriter and film director. He is regarded as one of the most notable actors in Hong Kong.

Description above from the Wikipedia article  Anthony Wong Chau-sang, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.
as "Lo"
as "Kwai"
as "Principal (voice)"
The Four 3 (2014)
as "Zhuge Zhenwo"
as ""
The Four 2 (2013)
as "Zhuge Zhenwo"
as "Ip Man"
as ""
as "Power, Super druglord"
The Four (2012)
as "Zhuge Zhenwo"
as "Principal (voice)"
Motorway (2012)
as "Lo Fung"
as "Fan Zeng"
as "Li Zongyue"
as "Grasshopper"
as "Zhong"
Punished (2011)
as "Wong Ho-chiu"
as "Himself"
as "Yi"
as "Principal / Master / Xiongbo (voice)"
Vengeance (2009)
as "Lee Yuen Kwai"
as "Unicorn Tang"
as "Lau Fu-yi"
as "Dragon"
as "General Yang"
as "Yuda"
as "Teacher Liang"
Secret (2007)
as "Chiu"
as "Theatre Caretaker"
Mr Cinema (2007)
as "Zhou Heung-Kong"
as "Uncle Jiang"
as "Ching Shing"
as "Brain"
as "Colonel Yu"
Exiled (2006)
as "Blaze"
as "Lung"
Isabella (2006)
as "Shing's boss"
as "Ship captain"
as "Dr. Lip"
Ah Sou (2005)
as "Whacko"
Initial D (2005)
as "Bunta 'Tofuman' Fujiwara"
2 Young (2005)
as "Nam's Father"
as "Yue Siu Bo"
as "Sergeant Tak"
as "Uncle Li [voice: Cantonese]"
as "Lam Hei Fei"
as "Principal / waiter (voice)"
20 30 40 (2004)
as "Shi Ge"
as "Tony Ho"
as "Mr Chow"
as "Superintendent Wong Chi Shing"
as "黄志诚"
as "Lester Wong"
as "SP Huang Jiang"
as "Himself"
as "Prada"
as "Judge Pao"
as "Himself"
as "Wong Chi-Shing"
as "Crazy"
Princess D (2002)
as "Joker's father"
U-Man (2002)
as "Jesus / Father Gum"
as "School Principal / Logan (voice)"
as "Wong-Lin"
Runaway (2001)
as "Ray"
as "Mao Keung"
Gen-Y Cops (2000)
as "Dr. Tang Chin-Chau"
as "Uncle Ji"
as "Master Kwan Wan Cheung"
as "Fifteen Ho"
as "Dai Fei"
Fist Power (2000)
as "Charles Chau"
as "Tai Fei"
as "Curtis"
as "Tong Pau"
as "Bond"
as "Black Hair"
as "Charles"
as "Pride / Katanaka Fuji"
as "Chiu Chau Tsam"
as ""
as "Father Kam"
as "Eric"
Mr. Wai-Go (1998)
as "Wong Jingqiu"
as "Husband"
as "Sword Saint"
The Group (1998)
as "Chiller"
as "Officer Lazyboots"
Beast Cops (1998)
as "Tung"
as "Pal, Ching Hoi"
Rape Trap (1998)
as "Ted Hwang"
as "Prison Warden Goo"
as "A Shing"
as "Tai Fei"
as "Sing"
Armageddon (1997)
as "Chiu Tai-Pang"
as "Wong"
Black Mask (1996)
as "King Kau"
as "Lui Lone"
as "Tai Fei"
Big Bullet (1996)
as "Bird"
as "Kai San"
as "Tai Fai (as Wong Chau Sang)"
as "Li Shupei"
as "Raymond Shiu Chi-Li"
as "Officer Lau"
New Tenant (1995)
as "Alan Tam"
as "General Lei Zhen-Tian / Hero Plum"
as "Best Actor Winner"
Cop Image (1994)
as "Wong Ging Sing"
Awakening (1994)
as "Master Liu Sheng Ming"
as "Inspector Hung"
as "ong Chi Ming / Marshmallow"
as "Ho Kin Tung"
as "Sam Wai Wong"
as "Ah Kin"
as "Mr Kim"
as "Charlie Chan"
as "Chu Ta Chung / Ta Tung's father [2 Roles]"
as "Inspector Lau"
as "Dinosaur"
as "Wong Chi Hang"
as "Kau"
as "Taior Lam"
as "Sam Sei"
as "Inspector Lu Ping"
as "Cheap Chan"
as "Johnny Wong"
as "Saucer"
as "Inspector Chou Chien"
as "Nerd's Brother"
as "Pow"
as "Wu Tung/Chiu Sheng"
as "Ben"
as "Wei"
as "Ma Qun"
as ""
as "Yeung Sing"
as "Policeman"
as "Jimmy Kooh"
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