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Branko Samarovski

Born uknown in
as "Großvater Thaler"
as "Paul Ostern"
as "Onkel Hans"
as "Xaver"
as "Karl"
as "Geiselnehmer"
as "Pensionist"
as "Hermann Oechler"
as "The Farmer"
North Face (2008)
as "Albert von Allmen"
as "Bernstein"
as "Lieber Gott"
as "Kraitmair"
as "Kommissar Rabe"
as "Onkel Albert"
as "Policier"
Gebürtig (2002)
as "Willi Klang"
as "Policeman"
Opera ball (1998)
as "Vater Feilböck"
as "Heinz"
The Castle (1997)
as "Herrenhofwirt"
as ""
Ant Street (1995)
as "Herr Halbgebauer"
as "Andreas Pum"
Wildfeuer (1991)
as "Meier"
as ""
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