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Graham Greene

Born June 22, 1952 in Six Nations Reserve, Ontario, Canada
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Graham Greene (born June 22, 1952) is a Canadian actor who has worked on stage, and in film and TV productions in Canada, England and the United States.

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as "Judge Foxman"
Wind River (2017)
as "Ben"
The Shack (2017)
as "Male Papa"
Unnatural (2016)
as "Buffalo"
The Birder (2013)
as "Manny"
as "Humpstone John"
From Above (2013)
as "Mr. Mountain"
Maïna (2013)
as "Mishta-Napeu"
as "General Hadley"
as "Dilton Harper"
as "Turquoise Jack"
as "Granpa"
as "Bernie Sprague"
Gunless (2010)
as "Two Dogs"
as "Joseph"
as "Harry Clearwater"
as "Bud Wilson"
All Hat (2007)
as "Jim Burns"
as "Henry Sanipass"
as "Bill Louis"
as "Sherrif"
as "Calvin"
as "John Blackhorse"
as "Wolf"
as "Slick Nakai"
as ""
Snow Dogs (2002)
as "Peter Yellowbear"
Skins (2002)
as "Mogie Yellow Lodge"
as "Earl"
as "Joe Menzies"
as "Arlen Bitterbuck"
Grey Owl (1999)
as "Jim Bernard"
as "Detective"
as "Ol'Billy"
as "Willow John"
as "Keith"
as "Detective Mike Salvatori"
Wounded (1997)
as "Nick Rollins"
as ""
as "Chingachgook"
Sabotage (1996)
as "Nicholas Tollander"
as "Joe Lambert"
as ""
Camilla (1994)
as "Hunt Weller"
as "Skyano"
North (1994)
as "Alaskan Dad"
Maverick (1994)
as "Joseph"
as "Peace Maker (Spirit)"
as "Author on History"
as "Raymond Maracle"
as "Will"
as "Calhoun"
as "Walter Crow Horse"
Clearcut (1991)
as "Arthur"
as "Kicking Bird"
as "Komi's Father"
as "Mewasin"
Revolution (1985)
as "Ongwata"
as "Eddie Mills"
as "Corin"
as "Vern"
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