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Gary Grubbs

Born November 14, 1949 in
LBJ (2016)
as "Everett Dirksen"
as "Dr. Fornier"
as "Peter Grayson"
as "Judge Bazemore"
as "Prosecuting Attorney"
Concussion (2015)
as "FBI Agent"
as "Dr. Lu"
as "Dennis"
Sabotage (2014)
as "Lou Cantrell (DEA Interrogator)"
Parkland (2013)
as "Dr. Kemp Clark"
as "Dale Griffis"
as "CDC Director"
as "Harris"
as "Bob Gibbs (uncredited)"
Battleship (2012)
as "Air Force Chief of Staff"
Carjacked (2011)
as "Deputy"
as "Mr Duluth"
Dirty Girl (2010)
as "Principal Mulray"
as "Zachary"
as "Judge Mackin"
as "Sheriff"
as "Captain Greer"
as "Police Chief Malone"
Deal (2008)
as "Mr. Stillman"
Déjà Vu (2006)
as "Police Lieutenant #2"
as "Sheriff"
as "John Mack Butler"
as "Mr. Thornton"
Ray (2004)
as "Billy Ray"
as "Detective Ed Landry"
as "Dobbs"
as "Timothy Jarret McReady"
Python (2000)
as "Sheriff Griffin Wade"
as "NASA Director"
as "Fire Captain Cooles"
as "Phil Beasly"
as "Detective Carl Baker"
as "Chief Engineer"
JFK (1991)
as "Al Oser"
as ""
as "Larry 'Catfish' Speakes"
as "George Russell"
Foxfire (1987)
as "Prince"
Nadine (1987)
as "Cecil"
as "District Attorney"
as "Jim Bob"
The Border (1982)
as "Honk"
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