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Jerry Nelson

Born July 10, 1934 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.
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Jerry Nelson (born July 10, 1934) is an American Muppet puppeteer, known for his wide range of characters, singing abilities, and his frequent partnership with Richard Hunt.

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as "Count von Count (voice)"
as "Robin the Frog / Statler / Floyd Pepper / Announcer / Crazy Harry / Pops"
as "Statler (voice)"
as "Count / Pestie / Grouch Mayor / Grouch Cop (voice)"
as "Robin / Statler / Ubergonzo"
as "The Count, Two-Headed Monster"
as "Count von Count / Mr. Johnson / News Flash Announcer (voice)"
as "Statler / Blind Pew / Mad Monty / Floyd Pepper / Lew Zealand / Tomato / Pirate / Skulls / Trelawney's Butler / Screaming Cat (voice)"
as "Robin the Frog as Tiny Tim / Ghost of Christmas Present (voice) / Statler as Jacob Marley / Lew Zealand as Mayor /"
RoboCop 2 (1990)
as "Darren Thomas"
as "Herry Monster (voice) / Frazzle (voice) / Maurice Monster (voice) / Two-Headed Monster (left half) (voice) / Announcer (voice)"
as "Various Characters"
as "Balthasar"
as "Victim #1"
as "Count von Count / Herry Monster (voice)"
as "Camilla / Lew Zealand / Floyd / Bear / Chicken / Crazy Harry / Dog / Dr. Julias Strangepork / Granny / Penguin / Pops / The Count (voice)"
as "High Priest / Dying Emperor (voice)"
as "Floyd Pepper, Pops"
as "Floyd Pepper / Robin the Frog / Crazy Harry / Lew Zealand / Camilla / Dr. Bunsen Honeydew (assistant) (uncredited) (voice)"
as "Various Muppets"
as "Snuffy / The Count (voice)"
as "Emmet Otter / Weasel / Doc Bullfrog / Melissa Rabbit / Yancy Woodchuck (voice)"
as "T.R. the Rooster / Caleb Siles"
as "Robin, Featherstone"
as "Thog / Zippity / Snivelly (voice)"
The Cube (1969)
as "Monk"
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