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Claire Du Brey

Born August 31, 1892 in
as "Mrs. Kate Fenniman"
as "Agatha, the maid"
as "Housekeeper"
as "Spinster (uncredited)"
Cinderella (1950)
as "(credit only) (voice)"
as "Temple Spectator (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Smith"
as "Second Lady in Michel's"
Ivy (1947)
as "Shopkeeper"
as "Manta"
as "Mrs. Talburt - Perfume Customer (uncredited)"
as "Laura - Harrison's Servant"
as "Mama Teresa"
as ""
as "Servant"
Dakota (1945)
as "Wahtonka"
as "Traveler's Wife (uncredited)"
as "Madame Mercier (uncredited)"
as "Rosie McGurk"
as "Hysterical Woman"
as "Miss Ralston - Jack's Secretary (uncredited)"
as "Hilda (uncredited)"
as "Melinda (Ma) McCracken"
as "Peter's Secretary"
as "Housekeeper"
as "Miss Pinkham (as Claire DuBrey)"
as "Nurse at Sammy's Birth"
as "Emma Smith"
as "Mrs. Hackett"
as "Mrs. Walters"
as "Gym Teacher"
as "Party Guest"
as "Southern Woman with Rifle"
as "Miss Huggins"
as "Nurse"
as "Customer (uncredited)"
as "Woman in Cafe"
Four Wives (1939)
as "Nurse Telling Crowley It's a Girl (uncredited)"
as "Nurse"
as "Dueña"
as "Waitress"
as "Mrs. Kelsey"
as "First Nurse (uncredited)"
as ""
as "Miss Arnold"
Juarez (1939)
as "Woman (uncredited)"
as "Secretary"
as "Nurse"
as "Prison Librarian"
as "Hotel Guest"
as "Mrs. Bob Ford"
as "Horsewoman"
as "Convict"
as "Woman Yelling at Rabblerouser (uncredited)"
as "Miss Blodgett"
as "Edith"
as "Miss Thomas (uncredited)"
as "Dr. Jones' Nurse Hazel"
as "Martha - Kartina's Secretary"
as "Nurse Rafferty (uncredited)"
as "Fake Nurse (uncredited)"
as "Matron (uncredited)"
as "Ship Passenger"
as "Miss Farrell"
Topper (1937)
as "Sales Clerk (uncredited)"
as "Woman with Baby"
as "Mrs. Sagon (uncredited)"
Ramona (1936)
as "Marda"
as "Mme. Coulvet"
as "Bit Role (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. T. Watterson Meriwether"
as "Mrs. Alvin Abbott"
Jane Eyre (1934)
as "Bertha Rochester"
Blind Date (1934)
as "Head Saleswoman"
as "Banquet Guest with Tiara Next to Sierra"
as "Mrs. Edith Crawford"
as "Santiago Nurse (uncredited)"
Prosperity (1932)
as "Bank Depositor Spreading Rumor (uncredited)"
as "Mrs. Smith - Lucile's Mother"
as "Mother at the Louvre"
Renegades (1930)
as "Eleanore's Maid (uncredited)"
as "Audrey"
as "Ann Adams"
as "Dominique's Sister"
as "Siren"
Triumph (1917)
as "Lillian Du Pon"
as ""
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