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Hwang Jung-min

Born uknown in
as "Lee Kang-ok"
as "Il-Gwang"
as "Um Hong-gil"
Veteran (2015)
as "Seo Do-cheol"
as "Yoon Deok-soo"
New World (2013)
as "Jung Chung"
as "Hwang Jung-min"
Moby Dick (2011)
as "Lee Bang-woo"
as "Silla King"
The Unjust (2010)
as "Choi Cheol-gi"
as "Kyeon-Ja"
as "Min Jae-in"
as "Hong Jin-ho"
as "Superman"
Happiness (2007)
as "Young-su"
as "Jun-oh"
Bloody Tie (2006)
as "Lieutenant Do"
as "Na Do-Chul"
as "Seok-joong"
as "Park Jung-woo"
as "President Baek"
as "Writer"
as ""
as "Joo Young-jak"
Road Movie (2002)
as "Dae-shik"
as "Ryu Kwang-tae"
as "Kang-soo"
Shiri (1999)
as "Special Investigation Team (uncredited)"
as "Umigwan manager"
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