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Marc Macaulay

Born October 13, 1957 in
as "Gordon"
as "Preacher William"
as "Captain"
as "Oclar"
as "Board Member Fitch"
Killer Joe (2011)
as "'Digger' Soames"
as "Sarge"
Conviction (2010)
as "Officer Boisseau"
Nine Dead (2009)
as "Father Francis"
as "General Store Clerk"
as "Riggs"
as "The Sheriff"
as "Lenny Burns"
Cleaner (2007)
as "Vic"
as "Sheriff Reilly"
Miami Vice (2006)
as "Air Traffic Supervisor"
Hoot (2006)
as "Drill Sergeant"
as "1° poliziotto"
as "U.S. Marshal Brown"
as "Land Speculator"
as "Dante"
as "Jayson"
Monster (2003)
as "Will / Daddy "John""
as "Mr. O'Mara"
as "Agent"
as "Commander"
as "Airport Officer Arch Ridley"
Instinct (1999)
as "Foley"
as "Walter"
Palmetto (1998)
as "Miles Meadows"
Contact (1997)
as "NASA Technician"
as "Baker"
as "Guard"
as "Malo"
Fair Game (1995)
as "Navigator"
Bad Boys (1995)
as "Noah Trafficante"
China Moon (1994)
as "CSU Technician"
as "Karl"
Cop and ½ (1993)
as "Waldo"
Matinee (1993)
as "Shopping Cart Crook"
as "Marty Vanbeeber"
as "Vincent"
as "O'Brien"
as "Deputy Bryant"
White Lie (1991)
as "Donald Cambio"
as "Reporter"
as "Supt. Stanton"
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