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Peter Jason

Born July 22, 1944 in
as "Grover"
as "Senator Sherwood"
as "Dr. Timmins"
as "Director"
as "Gerry"
as "Forest Ranger"
Queen City (2013)
as "Bernie Donovan"
as "Frankie Flowers"
as "Myron McGill"
Falling Up (2009)
as "John O'Shea"
as "Hank Bentley"
as "Winston Manny"
as "The Warden"
Claire (2007)
as "Harry Bannion"
as "Sgt. Pappy Mathis"
as "Vorian"
as "Himself"
as "Richard"
as "Mayor Bart Williams"
as "President Demsky"
Frostbite (2005)
as "Colonel Jaffe"
as "Suit"
as "The Captain"
Hair High (2004)
as "Coach (voice)"
as "Bill Gartin"
Detonator (2003)
as "U.S. Attorney Fred Goldenberg"
as "Stu"
as "Defense Attorney"
as "Mr. Fuller"
13th Child (2002)
as "Coroner"
as "Detective Atwood"
Hard Cash (2002)
as "The Counter Boss"
as "Engineer McSimms"
as "Norman Gates"
Rage (1995)
as "Griggs"
Congo (1995)
as "Mr. Janus"
as "Ben Blum"
as "Higgins"
as "Cliff"
as "Mr. Paul"
Body Bags (1993)
as "Gent"
as "Himself"
as "Pete Stone"
as "Henry Beechwood"
as "Mr. Bonet"
They Live (1988)
as "Gilbert"
as "Fedorchuk"
Red Heat (1988)
as "TV Announcer"
as "Dr. Paul Leahy"
Party Camp (1987)
as "Sarge"
as "Major G.F. Devin"
as "Chuck Fleming"
as "Mr. De Angelo"
Dreamscape (1984)
as "Babcock"
as "Ardmore Cop Harry"
48 Hrs. (1982)
as "Cowboy Bartender"
as "Malcolm O'Keefe"
as ""
as "Pepsi Executive #4"
as "Det. Drooler"
as "Frank Whitman"
Rio Lobo (1970)
as "Lt. Ned Forsythe"
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