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Eddie Byrne

Born January 31, 1911 in
Star Wars (1977)
as "General Willard"
as "Malloy"
as "Rev. Wagstaff"
as "Tyg McMahon"
as "Ship's Captain"
as "Dr. Reginald Landers"
as "Dr. Robert Kelsey"
The Break (1962)
as "Judd Tredegar"
as "Ice Cream Man"
as "John Frye"
Locker 69 (1962)
as "Simon York"
The Mummy (1959)
as "Inspector Mulrooney"
as "Barman"
as "Inspector O'Neill"
as "Sheriff"
as "Harry"
Rooney (1958)
as ""
as "Danny"
as "Art"
as "Michael Faroni"
as "Ashmore"
as "Flight Sergeant Mills"
as "Supt. John Harcourt"
as "Inspector Corcoran"
as "Snyder ("The Picture" segment)"
as "Zachariah "Zacky" Jones"
Aunt Clara (1954)
as "Fosdick"
as "Second Justice"
as "Luigi"
as "Dinny Sullivan"
as "Dan Dance"
as "Flynn"
as "Eddie Mooney"
as "Sean Kerin"
as "Hennessy"
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