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Philip Stone

Born April 14, 1924 in
Moses (1995)
as "Jitro"
as "The Bishop"
as "Father Leopoldo"
as "Captain Blumburtt"
as "Kraus"
Green Ice (1981)
as "Jochim Kellerman"
as "Zogi, the High Priest"
as "Delbert Grady"
as "Theoden (voice)"
as "Dean"
as "Secretary"
as "Graham"
as "General Jodl"
as "Jenkins / Interrogator / Salvation Army Major"
as "Humphreys"
as "Dad"
as "Angela's Father"
as "Mason"
as "Robinson"
as "CID Sergeant"
as "Mr Burrows"
as "Sky Tram Operator"
as "SPECTRE Number 5 (uncredited)"
as "Inspector"
as "Prof. John Lancaster"
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