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Chelah Horsdal

Born June 19, 1973 in
The Show (2017)
as "Elliot's Mom"
as "Abby"
as "Audrey"
If I Stay (2014)
as "Liddy"
as "Livi Vazquez"
as "Ann"
as ""
as "Rita Shephard"
as "Maria Klein"
as "Tanya"
as "Demo Girl"
as "Mandy Norton"
as "Carol Grogan"
Altitude (2010)
as "Mrs. Taylor"
as "Doreen"
as "Liane Strader"
as "Nancy"
as "Kate Preston"
Possession (2008)
as "Miranda"
as "Nancy Reed"
as "Betsy's Mother"
Helen (2009)
as "Kara"
as "Cheryll Witherspoon"
as "Anne"
Passengers (2008)
as "Janice"
as "Winnie"
Elegy (2008)
as "Susan Reese"
Past Lies (2008)
as "Danielle"
as "Jen"
as "Cynthia Lewis"
as "Lori Corbett"
as "Minivan Mother"
as "Blind Secretary"
as "Security Guard"
as "Frances Elwood"
as "Asst. DA #3"
Pursued (2004)
as "Sharon"
Paycheck (2003)
as "Young Mother"
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