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Henry Goodman

Born April 23, 1950 in
as "Senator from Illinois"
as "Gabriel Baker"
as "Karl Marx"
as "De los RĂ­os"
Burnt (2015)
as "Conti"
as "Mr. Jones"
as "Dr. List"
as "Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer"
as "Dr. List (uncredited)"
as "Dr. Weiss"
as "Franz Greenbaum"
as "Cecil Bernstein"
as "Jake Teichberg"
as "Manny Cossins"
as "Mordecai"
as "Carl Buckner"
as "President"
as "Dennis Selinger"
as "Mr. Feldwick C. Hackenbush / Septimus (voice)"
as "Shylock"
as "Thomas"
as "Ritz Concierge"
The Saint (1997)
as "Dr. Lev Botvin"
as "Moti"
as "Phillip Gellburg"
as "Haffinger"
as "Pompey"
as ""
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