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Tom Kane

Born April 15, 1962 in
as "The Narrator"
as "Admiral Ackbar (voice)"
as "Stormtrooper"
as "Hosnian Citizen / Starkiller Technician"
as "Narrator"
Down Dog (2015)
as "Male Narrator"
as "Professor Utonium"
as "Himself"
as "Narrator Smurf (voice)"
as "Narrator Smurf (voice)"
as "Dr. Sam Loonis (Voice)"
as "Narrator / Yoda (voice)"
as "C-3PO (voice)"
The Smurfs (2011)
as "Narrator Smurf (voice)"
as "Yoda/Narrator/Senator Yaun/Pitchman"
9 (2009)
as "Dictator (voice)"
as "Tony Stark / Iron Man / Ultron"
as "Narrator / Yoda / Admiral Yularen (voice)"
as "T-Bone"
as "Guard #1 (voice)"
as "Narrator"
as "Narrator (voice)"
as "Darwin"
as "Darwin (voice)"
as "Professor Utonium (voice)"
as "Professor Robert Kaufman (voice)"
as "Dr. Sam Loomis (Voice)"
as "Slag"
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