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Marco Rodríguez

Born uknown in
as "'Lancer' - Bartender Pepe"
as "Scrapyard Owner"
as "El Jefe"
Due Date (2010)
as "Federali Agent"
as "Mexican Priest"
as "Pedro"
Hamlet 2 (2008)
as "Mr. Marquez"
The 7 (2006)
as "Father"
as "Second at Vegas Fight"
as "Luis Saucedo"
as "Hondo"
The Base (1999)
as "Rosato"
Dark Nova (1999)
as ""
Angel Blue (1998)
as "Enrique Vasquez"
Black Dawn (1997)
as "Chapparo (as Marco Rodriguez)"
as "Mr. DeMarco"
as "Manny Ramirez"
The Crow (1994)
as "Torres"
as "Convenience Store Robber"
The Rookie (1990)
as "Loco Martinez"
Tripwire (1989)
as "El Tigre"
as "Deputy Cortez"
Cobra (1986)
as "Supermarket Killer"
Zoot Suit (1981)
as "Smiley / Ismael Torres"
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