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Michael McElhatton

Born uknown in
Togo (2019)
as "Jafet Lindeberg"
as "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle"
as "Black Clad Alpha"
as "Jim Kavanagh"
as "Jack's Eye"
as "Jerzyk"
as "Sheriff Sheldon"
as "General McEntee"
Mammal (2016)
as "Matt"
as "Laurence (voice)"
The Hallow (2015)
as "Colm Donnelly"
as "Liam Hughes"
as "Mr. Moore"
as "James Clarke"
Pentecost (2011)
as "Pat Lynch"
Parked (2010)
as "Frank"
as "Ross"
as "Ivan"
as "Robbie"
as "Leo Amery MP"
as "Mechanic"
as "Martin's Voice"
as "Sam"
The Actors (2003)
as "Jock"
Blow Dry (2001)
as "Robert"
Saltwater (2000)
as "John Traynor"
as "Detective Sergeant Hogan"
as "Johnner Doyle"
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