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Matthias Schoenaerts

Born uknown in
Matthias Schoenarts is the son of the Belgian actor Julien Schoenaerts. After finishing the academy of dramatic arts in Antwerp, Matthias featured in several movies.
as "Vanya Egorov"
as "Hans Axgil"
as "Paul De Smedt"
Disorder (2015)
as "Vincent"
as "Gabriel Oak"
as "Andre Le Notre"
as "Lieutenant Bruno Von Falk"
The Loft (2014)
as "Philip Trauner"
The Drop (2014)
as "Eric Deeds"
Blood Ties (2013)
as "Anthony Scarfo"
as "Nathan Rijckx"
as "Alain van Versch"
as "Ties van Heesch"
as "Boyko"
Bullhead (2011)
as "Jacky Vanmarsenille"
The Pack (2010)
as "The Gothic Sham"
Pulsar (2010)
as "Samuel Verbist"
as "Raven"
Loft (2008)
as "Filip Willems"
Left Bank (2008)
as "Bobby"
Nadine (2007)
as "Cornee"
The Muse (2007)
as ""
Black Book (2006)
as "Joop"
as "Dennis"
as "Edward Monskii"
Ellektra (2004)
as "DJ Cosmonaut X"
as "Chouki"
Girl (2002)
as "Oscar"
as "Wannes Scholliers"
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