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Julian Glover

Born Mars 27, 1935 in
as "Sir Edward"
Backtrack (2014)
as "the Old Man"
U.F.O. (2012)
as "John Jones"
as "General Veers (voice)"
Airborne (2012)
as "George"
Exit (2012)
as "Geeles"
as "Duke of Wellington"
as "Susan's Father"
Mirrors (2008)
as "Robert Esseker"
as "80 year old Blind Man"
Scoop (2006)
as "Lord Lyman"
Strings (2004)
as "Kahro"
Troy (2004)
as "Triopas"
as "Aragog (voice)"
as "Col. Hatchard"
Vatel (2000)
as "Prince de Conde"
as "Matthew"
King Ralph (1991)
as "King Gustav"
as "Dr. Livesey"
as "Igor Judge QC"
as "Colonel McGraw"
as "Walter Donovan"
as "Don Card"
as "Alfred"
as "Brian Harcourt-Smith"
Kim (1984)
as "Col. Creighton"
as "Crawford"
Ivanhoe (1982)
as "King Richard"
as "Aristotle Kristatos"
as "General Veers"
Henry V (1979)
as "The Constable of France"
Henry VIII (1979)
as "Duke of Buckingham"
The Brute (1977)
as "Teddy"
Juggernaut (1974)
as "Cmdr. Marder"
Dead Cert (1974)
as "Lodge"
as "Gapon"
as "Colonel Moffat"
as "Andy Royal"
as "Hindley Earnshaw"
as "Shrdlu"
as "Shrdlu"
The Magus (1968)
as "Anton"
as "Colonel Breen"
as "Charles Marquis"
as ""
as "Don Fortune"
as "Malachi Sullivan"
Tom Jones (1963)
as "Northernton"
as "Alfred Graves"
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