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Lin Shaye

Born uknown in Detroit, Michigan, USA
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Linda "Lin" Shaye  (born 1944) is an American film, theatre and television actress.

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as "Captain Wheeler"
as "Elise Rainier"
as "Mrs. Womack"
as "Pauline"
Abattoir (2016)
as "Allie"
as "Paulina Zander"
as "Anna"
as "Teresa"
as "Lynn's Mother"
as "Helen Keller"
as "Elise Rainier"
Grace (2014)
as "Helen"
Ouija (2014)
as "Paulina Zander"
Lost Time (2014)
as "Mysterious Woman"
The Signal (2014)
as "Mirabelle"
as "Barbara Belnap"
as "Mrs. Jefferson"
as "Elise Rainier"
as "Denise Mack"
Noobz (2012)
as "Mrs. Theodore"
as "Gloria"
as "Eleanor Roosevelt"
as "May"
as "Nurse Crotchet"
Sedona (2011)
as "Claire"
as "Mrs. Hawthorne"
Chillerama (2011)
as "Baglady / Nurse Maleva"
as "Jill"
as "Detective Reeson"
Insidious (2010)
as "Elise Rainier"
as "Granny Boone"
as "Phyllis Ryan"
as "Bonnie Johnson"
as "Leona"
as "Sunny"
Stuntmen (2009)
as "Bumble Jackson"
as ""
as "Nurse"
Asylum (2008)
as "String's Mother"
Killer Pad (2008)
as "Marge"
as "The Wife"
as "Miss Prin"
Driftwood (2006)
as "Nancy Forrester"
as "Wendy O'Hara"
as "Larry's mom"
as "Grace"
as "Clara"
as "Cassandra"
Hate Crime (2005)
as "Kathleen Slansky"
as "Jeannie"
as "Mrs. Brodrick"
as "Tequila"
as "Granny Boone"
as "Ma Muzzy"
as "Jenny Buono"
as "Mrs. Wells"
as "Ms. Harding"
Dead End (2003)
as "Laura Harrington"
Boat Trip (2002)
as "Sonya the Coach"
as "Jinny Macintosh"
Contagion (2002)
as "Laura Crowley"
as "Nurse Bautista"
as "Libby"
as "Mrs. Bruce"
as "Magda"
as "The Madame"
Kingpin (1996)
as "Landlady"
as "Waitress"
as "Carol Powell"
as "Mrs. Neugeboren"
as "Nurse with Pills"
as "Nurse Turner"
The Temp (1993)
as "Rosemary"
as "Celeste"
as "Bratty Kid's Mom"
Critters 2 (1988)
as "Sally"
The Hidden (1987)
as "Carol Miller"
Slam Dance (1987)
as "Librarian"
as "Anemic Counter Girl"
Critters (1986)
as "Sally"
as "Journalist at Rally"
as "Teacher"
as "Woman on Beach"
as "Receptionist at Haven"
as "Nurse with Telegram"
as ""
as "Parasol Lady"
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