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Brian Drummond

Born August 10, 1969 in
as "Policeman (voice)"
as "Logan / Wolverine (voice)"
Inhumans (2013)
as "Maximus / Gorgon / Neifi / Reed Richards (voice)"
as "Charlat"
as "Prince / Guard / Royal Judge (voice)"
as "Trouble (voice)"
as "Fenris (voice)"
as "Musketeer #2 (voice)"
as "Poofles (voice)"
as "Dean Von Wu"
as "Lorenzo (voice)"
as "Cloe's Dad / Senor Miracle"
as "Spike (voice)"
as "Hamshank / Chopper Chuck / DJ / Mimic"
as "(voice)"
as "Ferris / Aidan's Father (voice)"
as "Dr. Claw (voice)"
as "Larkspur (voice)"
as "Onewa, Matau"
as "Nick / Guard #1 (voice)"
as "Slash / The President (voice)"
as "Reggie (voice)"
as "Kurt Wylde"
as "Dr. Claw (voice)"
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