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Nicole Oliver

Born uknown in
Wonder (2017)
as "Mrs. Will"
as "Princess Celestia (voice)"
as "Sally Bun / Ice Cream / Watermelon / Female Shopper #1 (voice)"
as "Principal Celestia (voice)"
as "Diane"
as "Paula"
as "Principal Celestia (voice)"
as "Nancy Shepherd"
as "Herself"
as "Sarah"
as "Hilary's Mom"
as "Jennifer Walters (voice)"
as "Princess Celestia (voice)"
as "Trixie (voice)"
as "Megan Harper"
as "Rita Stevenson"
Innocent (2011)
as "Elaine Reese"
as "Gretchen"
as "Dame Devin (voice)"
as "Lilliana Roxelle / Fitting Room Attendant (voice)"
as "Lilliana Roxelle (voice)"
as "Nicole Oliver"
as "Calissa (voice)"
as "Corinne's Mother / Fancy Dress Girl #1 (voice)"
as "Dori / Maid (voice)"
as "Agent Newell"
as "Ashlyn / Twyla (voice)"
as "Reporter / Buzzie Bee"
as "Shellie / Delphine (voice)"
as "Lori Towers"
as "Carlita (voice)"
as "Holly Sharp"
as "Ticket Agent"
as "Marianne"
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