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Holt McCallany

Born September 3, 1964 in
as "Burglar"
as "Jerry 'The Beast' Manning"
as "Burke"
as "Col. Morgan"
Sully (2016)
as "Mike Cleary"
Concussion (2015)
as "Angry Neurologist"
as "Detective Hansen"
as "Frank"
Blackhat (2015)
as "Mark Jessup"
as "Detective Murphy"
Crush (2013)
as "Mike Norris"
as "Hank Greely"
as "Karl Lockwood"
Hijacked (2012)
as "Rostow Pawlak"
The Losers (2010)
as "Wade Travis"
Stolen (2009)
as "Swede"
as "Police Lieutenant"
as ""
as "Kelsey McNamara"
Toxic (2008)
as "Van"
as "Ron Matthews"
as "Rourke"
Alpha Dog (2006)
as "Detective Tom Finnegan"
as "Alex Breech"
as "Doug Doherty"
Below (2002)
as "Loomis"
as "Henri Brulé"
as "MM1 Dylan Rourke"
Fight Club (1999)
as "The Mechanic"
as "Captain Van Meter"
Mumford (1999)
as "Newcomer"
as "Joe Campbell"
as "Mark Appleton"
as "Sgt. Hamilton Fish"
Jade (1995)
as "Bill Barrett"
Flirt (1995)
as "Bartender"
as "Blue Jacket"
Tyson (1995)
as "Teddy Atlas"
Amateur (1994)
as "Usher"
Zelda (1993)
as ""
Alien³ (1992)
as "Ted "Junior" Gillas"
as "Lt. Kramer"
as "Jay"
Shakedown (1988)
as "Roadblock Officer"
as "Sam Whitemoon"
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