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Roddy McDowall

Born September 17, 1928 in Studio City, California, USA
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  Roderick Andrew Anthony Jude "Roddy" McDowall (17 September 1928 – 3 October 1998) was an English-born actor and photographer. His film roles include Cornelius and Caesar in the Planet of the Apes film series. He began his long career as a child actor. As The Original Voice Of Katie Blossom Ali Slag in Katie Blossom Ali Slag Movies In 1964

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as "Himself (archive footage)"
as "Himself"
as "Mr. Soil (voice)"
as "Henry Stokes"
as "Himself - Hosted by (also archive footage)"
as "Himself / Actor / Friend"
as "Saint Peter"
as "Damian Knowles"
as "Trevor Dunnaway"
as "Riecher"
as "Amos Legrand"
as "Himself - Actor"
as "Dr. Henry Lazarus"
as "Geoffrey Kagen"
as "Dr. Lasky"
Heads (1994)
as "Fibris Drake"
as "Ernest Peabody"
as "Secretary Neighbor"
as "Dr. Aaron"
as "Mr. Tatum"
Shakma (1990)
as "Sorenson"
as "Judge"
Carmilla (1989)
as "Inspector Amos"
as "Mr. Dante"
as "Peter Vincent"
as "Minister"
Overboard (1987)
as "Andrew"
as "Mr. Murray"
as "Nuggit (voice)"
as "Peter Vincent"
as "Prince John"
as "Terry Corrigan"
Mae West (1982)
as "Rene Valentine"
as "Rex Brewster"
as "Derek Kenyon"
as "Samwise Gamgee"
as "MacFarland"
as "Jenkins"
as "V.I.N.CENT. (voice) (uncredited)"
as "Franz/Fritz"
as "White Robe"
as "Mr. Stallwood"
as "Gypsy Grandmother / Dr. Fishbine"
Laserblast (1978)
as "Doctor Mellon"
Flood! (1976)
as "Mr. Franklin"
Embryo (1976)
as "Frank Riley"
as "(archive footage)"
as "Tony Da Vince"
as "Narrator"
Funny Lady (1975)
as "Bobby Moore"
as "George Stanton (uncredited)"
as "Marvin Ellis"
as "Dr. Sawyer"
Arnold (1973)
as "Robert"
as "Benjamin Franklin Fischer"
as "Acres"
as "Albert Soames"
as "Dr. Michael Lomas"
as "Mr. Jelk"
as "Dr. Ralph Baird"
as "Mr. Proffer"
as "Cornelius (archive footage) (uncredited)"
as "Santoro"
Midas Run (1969)
as "Wister"
as "Nate Ashbury"
as "Nick Evers"
as "Cornelius"
as "Cricket Crocket (Narrator)"
as "Tony Krum"
as "Bullwhip Griffin"
as "Agent Adams"
It! (1967)
as "Arthur Pimm"
as "Alan "Mollymauk" Musgrave"
as "Walter Baines"
as "Gregory Benson"
as "D.J.Jr."
as "Oliver Parsons"
as "Matthew"
as "Martin Ashley"
as "Bullwinp Griffin"
Cleopatra (1963)
as "Octavian - Caesar Augustus"
as "Pvt. Morris"
as "Mestizo"
as "Malcolm"
as "Yuri Gilgoric"
as "Ariel"
as "Hannassey Watchman (uncredited)"
as "Eric Kardin"
as "Ted White"
as "Scott Jordan"
as "Alec MacLennan"
Kidnapped (1948)
as "David Balfour"
Macbeth (1948)
as "Malcolm"
as "Stanley Owen"
as "Jimmy Graham"
as "Ken McLaughlin"
as "Francis Chisholm, as a boy"
as "John Ashwood II as a Boy"
as "Joe Carraclough"
as "Ken McLaughlin"
as "Ronnie Cavanaugh"
as "Hugh Aylesworth"
as "Benjamin - as a Boy"
as "Huw Morgan"
as "Hugo"
Man Hunt (1941)
as "Vaner"
Saloon Bar (1940)
as "Boy"
as "Ginger"
Poison Pen (1939)
as "Choirboy"
I See Ice (1938)
as "Boy (uncredited)"
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