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Thom Hoffman

Born uknown in
Miserere (2013)
as "Sean Singleton"
as "Mario Keizer"
as "Simon Vogel"
Sintel (2010)
as "Shaman (voice)"
as "Wouter Siemons"
Black Book (2006)
as "Hans Akkermans"
Dogville (2003)
as "Gangster"
as "Frans van Rijn"
as "Inspector Willem"
as ""
as "Jack"
as "Dr. William Saxe"
Solomon (1997)
as "General Brealah"
Wasted! (1996)
as "DJ Cowboy"
as "Alexi Berka"
as "Wesley"
Orlando (1992)
as "King William of Orange"
De bunker (1992)
as "Gerrit Kleinveld"
as "Frank"
Eline Vere (1991)
as "Vincent Vere"
Evenings (1989)
as "Frits van Egters"
as "Arend"
Rituals (1989)
as "Philip Taads"
as "Philip de Wit"
as "Bart Buisman"
as ""
as "Herman"
Luger (1981)
as "Chris Luger"
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