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David Thornton

Born uknown in
as "Nick"
as "Simon Rudolph"
Fake (2011)
as "Tay Murphy"
as "Little Johnny's Dad"
as "Charlie"
as "Robert"
Reunion (2009)
as "Lloyd"
as "Ray Sancerre"
Alpha Dog (2006)
as "Butch Mazursky"
as "Sam"
as "John Hamilton"
Prologue (2003)
as "Walter Anders"
XX/XY (2002)
as "Miles"
as "Jerry"
Dead Dog (2001)
as "Stevenson Nagel"
as "Richard Aufiero"
High Art (1998)
as "Harry"
as "Bernie"
Illuminata (1998)
as "Orlandini"
Hush (1998)
as "Gavin"
as "Lulu"
as "Earl Unger"
as "Saul Sunday"
as "Gary Michaels"
as "Frankie Warren"
as "Ted"
as "Rob"
as "George S. Kaufman"
Blind Spot (1993)
as "Frank"
as "Reese"
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