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Edgar Selge

Born Mars 27, 1948 in
as "Walter Huber"
as "Herr Gärtner"
Miss Sixty (2014)
as "Franz Winther"
Wetlands (2013)
as "Dr. Notz"
as "Albrecht Ostermeier"
as "Dr. Friedhelm Fähner (Episode 1)"
Ludwig II (2012)
as "Richard Wagner"
as "Wolf"
as "Frank Lamm"
as "Karl Forster"
as "Ebbo von Siering"
as "Nuntius"
as "Herr Schmiedle"
as "Ulrich Molitor"
as "Wolfgang Kerber"
as ""
The Debt (2007)
as "Max Rainer"
as "Wolfgang Zenker"
as "Norbert Reich"
as "Robert Clayton"
as "Jekyll"
as "Prof. Dr. Klaus Thon"
as "Rohlfs"
as "Schriftsteller"
as "Dr. Heinrich"
as "Friedrich Karl von Savigny"
as "Reinhardt"
Das Böse (1998)
as "Kommissar Lütkins"
Rossini (1997)
as "Meik"
Hamsun (1996)
as "Terboven"
as "Dr. Walter"
as "Heinz Geroll"
as "Professor Merck"
as "Block"
as "Felix"
as "Helmut Hartmeyer"
as "Dr.Schröder"
as "Oscar"
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