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Tantoo Cardinal

Born July 20, 1950 in
Wind River (2017)
as "Alice Crowheart"
as "Lana"
Down Here (2014)
as "Stella Mitchell"
Maïna (2013)
as "Tekahera"
Eden (2012)
as "The Nurse"
as "Grace Lajoie"
as "Celine"
as ""
as "Heather"
as "Auntie Apple"
as "Gloria Maquinna"
as "Aunt Shadie / Rita"
as "Old Pawnee Woman"
as "Ruth"
as "Aunt Mary"
as "Singing Bird"
as "Mary"
as "Arlene Joseph"
Heartwood (1998)
as "Violet Boucher"
as "Nellie"
as "Turtle Mother"
as "Sarah Winnemucca"
as "Pet"
as "Mary's Mother"
Sioux City (1994)
as "Dawn Rainfeather"
as "Silent Tongue"
as "Vivian"
Black Robe (1991)
as "Chomina's Wife"
as "Black Shawl"
as ""
Loyalties (1987)
as "Rosanne Ladouceur"
as "Little Doe"
as "Caroline"
Marie Ann (1978)
as "Tantou, Indian princess"
as "Marilyn St. Claire"
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