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Andy McPhee

Born uknown in
2067 (2020)
as "Desperate Worker"
as "Biker Bob"
Slow West (2015)
as "Burly Man"
Young Ones (2014)
as "Foreman Jay"
as "Mr. Belhatchett"
Bad Karma (2012)
as "Jarvis"
as "Sean Gall"
as "Donnie"
Inalé (2010)
as "Grandfather"
as "Wild Bill Maguire"
as "Richard Collis"
as "Shnook"
as "Bear"
as "Tough Guy (voice)"
The Line (2007)
as "Sergeant Mike Calis"
as "The German"
Wolf Creek (2005)
as "Bazza"
Bad Eggs (2003)
as "Tozer"
as "Zen Master"
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