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Mary Jo Catlett

Born September 2, 1938 in
as "Mrs. Puff (voice)"
as "Mrs. Puff (voice)"
as "Shoe Store Lady"
as "Old Lady"
as "Mrs. Wilson"
as "Mrs. Ellwood"
as "Mrs. Puff (voice)"
as "Sweet Grandmother"
Ablaze (2001)
as "Nurse Winslow"
Serial Mom (1994)
as "Rosemary Ackerman"
as "Marge"
as "Mrs. Brinker"
as "Gloria"
as "Harriett Crabbe"
The Champ (1979)
as "Josie"
Semi-Tough (1977)
as "Earlene Emery"
Bananas (1971)
as "Woman in Hotel Lobby Cheering Honeymoon (uncredited)"
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