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Charlie Creed-Miles

Born Mars 24, 1972 in
as "George"
Endeavour (2012)
as "Teddy Samuels"
as "Sergeant"
Wild Bill (2011)
as "Bill"
Shirley (2011)
as "Mike Sullivan"
You and I (2011)
as "Ian"
Hereafter (2010)
as "Photographer"
as "D.S. Terry Hicock"
Freefall (2009)
as "Area Manager"
Born Equal (2006)
as "Man in Hostel"
as "Ganis"
as "James, Duke of York"
Lenny Blue (2002)
as "Toby Anderson"
as ""
as "Bob Gregson"
Essex Boys (2000)
as "Billy Reynolds"
Woundings (1998)
as "Stanley Jardine"
as "Billy"
as "David"
Loved Up (1995)
as "Danny"
as "Berridge"
The Punk (1993)
as ""
as "Second Boy in School"
as "Greg"
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