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Michael Culkin

Born uknown in
Chicken (2015)
as "McClint"
Mr. Holmes (2015)
as "Bank Manager"
Mortdecai (2015)
as "Sir Graham Archer"
Mr. Turner (2014)
as "Gentleman Critic"
as "Ralph Zilke"
as "Host 1949"
Shanghai (2010)
as "Billy"
as "Charles Lawton"
as "Lord Radley"
as "Beth's Father"
as "Bishop"
as "Herman Wormskerck"
as "Anselmus"
as "Willie De Salis"
as "Luper Authority"
as "Lord Cromer's Secretary"
as "Rupert"
The Hours (2002)
as "Doctor"
as "Liggins Conspirator"
Shackleton (2002)
as "Jack Morgan"
as "Sidney"
as "De Beers Man"
as "Cole"
as "Rex Cunningham"
as "Hefty Man"
as "Jakob Hotscevar"
as "Jacob Hotscever"
Candyman (1992)
as "Professor Philip Purcell"
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