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Takehito Koyasu

Born uknown in
as "Shigeru Aoba (voice)"
as "Claudia Hodgins (voice)"
as "Roswaal L. Mathers (voice)"
as "Nigun Grid Lewin (voice)"
as "Aokiji"
as "Shigeru Aoba (voice)"
as "Shō Shishimaru (voice)"
as "Julius Monrey the Time (voice)"
Coicent (2011)
as "Younger Brother (voice)"
as "Shigeru Aoba (voice)"
as "Shigeru Aoba (voice)"
Appleseed (2004)
as "Hades"
as "Radium Lavans (voice)"
as "Ryosuke Takahashi"
as "Kira"
as "Yosho"
Spriggan (1998)
as "Jean Jacquemonde (voice)"
as "Huey Einburg (voice)"
as "Shigeru Aoba (voice)"
as "Sushiaki"
as "Shigeru Aoba (voice)"
Gestalt (1997)
as "Olivier"
as "Gamlin Kizaki (voice)"
as ""
as "Ukyo (voice)"
as "Snufkin (voice)"
as "Dwight Camry"
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